Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Why I will Not Use My Credit Cards Today

Sometimes you have to wean yourself off of credit cards one day at a time and remind yourself constantly of why I will not use my credit cards today. Credit card debit can be stifling. Remember when you bought those new flip flops on sale for $25.00 and you knew that you had paid a low price because they were leather and covered in rhinestones? Well after leaving them on your credit card for three years, how much do you think that you paid for them now?

Why I will Not Use My Credit Cards Today:

1. I can't afford to over pay for essential items.

2. I could by a new pair of shoes with the amount it costs for my over limit fee.

3. I can barely pay the minimum on my credit cards.

4. My interest rate is up to 24.99%.

5. The credit card company has already made thousands of dollars off me.

6. I could by a new purse with the late fee.

7. My credit score is being damaged.

8. I have over extended myself.

9. I need to learn to live on what I make each month.

10. Because it is the right thing to do.

This is why I will not use my credit cards today, why won't you use yours?

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