Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How To Get A Business Credit Card The Easy Way

Have you been wondering how to get business credit or a business credit card? It is not that difficult to start your business credit but it does take some time. To get things moving faster you can use your own credit. Not everyone wants to or is able to use their own credit, but if you can use your own information, your business credit will come even faster.

MAJOR CREDIT CARD - To get a major credit card for your business, you will most likely need to use your personal credit. You will need to give your social security number, address and phone number in addition to your business information.

STORE CARDS - There are many store credit cards that you can get without using your own credit. Office supply stores and gas stations will give you credit for your business without your personal credit. You will need a tax id number for your business, a business address (not a P.O. or Post office store), and a phone number.

It is advised that you start your business credit on its own without using your own credit, but it certainly will not hurt to use your own personal information.

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