Thursday, March 26, 2009

How to Stop Spending So Much

How to Stop Spending So Much

The current economic situation may have already reduced what you spend, but if you still have bad spending habits, this one is for you.

MIND CONTROL - Use daily mantras (sayings) to remind yourself of what is important. Now when my child wants a $20 toy, I think to myself, "I could invest that in the stock market or currencies and begin making money off of that $20". Those thoughts prompt me to talk my child out of the toy.

CARRY A SMALL AMOUNT OF CASH - I consider the amount to be about $20, however you may have a larger or smaller amount. Do not refill your purse until the $20 is gone.

CARRY ONLY ONE CREDIT CARD - Vow to use it for emergencies only. Such as you are going to run out of gas, etc.

CUT OUT FAST FOOD - Just as in Step 1, why would you want to spend $15 more or less on fast food when you could be using that money to make more money for yourself. It's a double whammy, wastes your money and adds to your waist.

SET GROCERY SPENDING - Decide how much you will spend at the grocery store before you go in. Before getting in line, clear out any junk that is in your basket, such as soda, cigarettes, sunny D, donuts, chips. Do not take out healthy items like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts or hard cheeses.

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