Friday, March 13, 2009

Do I Need To Hire a Tax Attorney?

Do I Need To Hire a Tax Attorney?

If you are wondering whether or not you need to hire a tax attorney, let me give you a few tips to help you decide. First of all some people like to hire a tax attorney to handle the filing of all of their taxes right from the beginning instead of using an accountant. There are many benefits to using a tax attorney. A tax attorney, because he/she is an attorney owes you, his/her client the benefit of confidentiality. That means that if you have a tax or legal issue, your tax attorney cannot be compelled to give statements, testimony or other evidence because of the attorney client confidentiality law. Whereas, if you were using a regular accountant, they could be subpoenaed to testify against you. There is no accountant client confidentiality agreement. As a matter of fact even if they did not want to give the information, they would be compelled to do so by law.

Secondly, a tax attorney knows all of the laws. Even though there are a lot of good accountants (non of them work for H and R Block), they have not been school properly in the area of tax law.
If a tax attorney files your taxes, you can be confident that they were done correctly.

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